Access Denied… well almost

I have been working on this story all week about a fundraiser that a local high school is doing for Haiti. The teacher that is ahead of the club organizing it has been really kind and helpful with setting up interviews and such. But, he has not been completely informative about the details of the fundraiser.

He did answer all the questions I asked and was doing what he thought was helpful, but one thing I have learned about this experience is that I need to ask more questions about the logistics- people don’t know what it takes to make a package, they don’t know everything you are looking for. I already knew that, but in this case things were not operating as I assumed. Don’t assume, ask more questions- after all that is what journalism is about.

From the information that he gave me, I thought that they were collecting the donations at the basketball game. They were actually collecting them during lunch, which had just finished when I arrived for the interview and it was the last day they were doing it. There was not any b-roll opportunity except for the sign of where they were collecting donations (and it really is not a good visual,) but I got a stand-up out of it and the interview with the student who organized it was good. Then they told me that no one was probably going to sign up for the fundraiser at the game, and they didn’t. But, I almost didn’t even have the chance to find that out….

When I got to the game, early I might add, there were cops everywhere and teachers not letting anymore people into the game unless they had already pre-ordered a ticket. This was unlike any high school basketball game I had ever seen, and I have been to some intense rivalry games. The main problem was the limited space. The lady in charge had a look on her face that said access denied. Somehow I coaxed her into letting me in for just a little bit. So I got b-roll of part of the game in a tiny corner where they made me stand blocked in by cheerleaders and more people with cameras. Although, I did get some footage of the fans before the game started and that was pretty much all I could do. This scenario was not something that I could have predicted for a high school basketball game, nor could the teacher have thought to give me a heads up because he probably could not have predicted that either.

In this business you can’t give up, so I emailed the teacher when I got home asking if I could come get b-roll of the students adding up the money raised. So this journalist is not done yet, nor is she giving up. This story is to be continued…

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