Has Twitter lost its mojo?

Social media began as a fad in the online world. A fad, that I have to admit, was not one that I wanted to be apart of at first (but of course I have changed my mind.) I was a late adopter of Facebook, I didn’t create my own page until I graduated high school which was about 3 years after it hit the scene.

Ever since I created my own Facebook page I have been hooked. I got Twitter about 5 months ago. So I caught on to the fad sooner than Facebook by getting on board in the same year it came out. Blogging has always been something I knew I should jump on board and I tried a few times for classes that required it and never found my way in the blogosphere. So with some influence, I am writing my own blog. In my first post, I am already convinced. To add to my social media advances, yesterday I setup the ability to Tweet from my phone by text- and again I am convinced.

Yesterday I ran across an article on CNN.com that stated some people suggest that Twitter might have peaked. Yes, the number of people getting Twitter is not on the rise the way that it was in 2009. That to me (and the article states) is deceiving. I think that most people at this point that want to be involved in Twitter already are.

twitter visitors

The number of new people coming to Twitter in late 2009 has not really increased. But I say, it’s no big deal.

The Twitter world to me as a journalist is just endless. People are still figuring out new and better ways that they can use Twitter, as are journalists and news outlets. When searching for news, many might not immediately think of Twitter as they would CNN or FOX News or their local stations/newspapers. But if you search for news outlets on Twitter most all will have their own account, with news blurbs updated constantly. Many breaking news has been broken on Twitter. When the election disputes in Iran took place, many Iranians communicated what was going on through Twitter because all of their traditional forms of communication were cut off. I know that there is a lot of “useless” information on Twitter, such as what someone had for lunch that day (and I am sometimes guilty of “useless” tweets.) But there is a world of important news being Tweeted everyday. Twitter is just picking up steam, its mojo is still working.

One of my favorite news outlets to follow on Twitter is ESPN’s SportsNation. This is a show that is built entirely around internet video, online polls and viewer tweets. I initially fell in love with this sports show because it is so much more fun than some sports news shows and is not as dry as SportsCenter. But as I dug a little deeper into the knowledge I have acquired of the importance of online media through my profession, I realized it’s pretty much genius. How smart is it to incorporate sports news and the online world that is growing exponentially? I answer: revolutionary. More and more, shows and news outlets are beginning to incorporate viewers into their shows. But SportsNation revolves it’s ENTIRE show around the viewers interaction and the news occuring.

I am convinced.  Are you? [polldaddy poll=2605511]

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