Kim English Schools the Horns

On Wednesday night’s game against the Longhorns, I got to shoot my first MU basketball game. What a game to pick! (I even made it in the background of a picture on, which is ironic because I did a package on English’s amazing game he had.) It was an amazing game to be at, let alone be right on the sidelines shooting the game and sitting in the post-game press talks.

I have shot pretty many high school football and basketball games and have always loved doing that, but this was on a whole other level.

Me 'n English

Soph. Guard Kim English on during the last seconds of the game. I am shooting in the background in the off-white cardigan.

This just reasserts my drive and passion to do sports journalism. I learned a lot from this experience too. Just being behind the scenes and capturing that game through the lens was amazing in itself. But seeing what it takes to make a big game into coverage for a newscast was also really rewarding.

I have been doing lots of straight news packages lately because of my journalism class, we are not allowed to do sports stories. Which is fine because I would like to learn it all and be able to do it all, but I truly enjoy doing sports a lot more. It is refreshing and nice to be on the sidelines and in the sports world as much as I can.

The main thing that I think I would do for next time is ask questions during post game instead of letting others ask them all. I would also maybe track down players afterward for further questions if need be. I also had problems with the video in the system and didn’t get to use certain shots that I wanted. Nonetheless I feel it worked out well for my first time. Here is the end result:


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