“The Onion” brings tears… of laughter

I was on the Onion’s sports page the other day and was immediately drawn to this article titled: Huge Chunk of Nation You’d Never Want to Meet Excited for Daytona 500. So of course I had to check it out. Like most of the articles I have discovered on the site, it was short, funny, interesting and relatable.

The article talks about the clique NASCAR fan. It made me immediately picture some one tooth, beer shot-gunning, hollering fan. (My uncle works for Pennzsoil so I know that not all people involved with NASCAR are like that.)

from all4humor.com

The article in one short paragraph with few discriptions made me picture this guy ^

That is impressive. Most journalism is serious and professional. This Onion article was the exact opposite, but it was not pointless. It still reminded me that the Daytona 500 is coming up, it is newsy.

Today I came across another article that instantly caught my attention again. It was interesting, slightly disturbing and also humorous. Trust me, you will thank me for not putting up a picture that relates to that article.

Just by looking at the first page of headlines on the Onion, you can see that it is a news site but not like most. I think that most anyone could enjoy reading articles on the site, even those who are usually bored by the news. I am drawn to news that has a fun twist, like I mentioned in my post about SportsNation and Twitter. With each story that I do, I hope that I can in someway find an opportunity to insert humor of a bit of fun- where/if appropriate.

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