#GolfIsLife: my journey in the game

The first time I really gave golf a shot, I was 13 and I remember picking it up ahead of my freshman year of high school — wanting to play the sport as an “off-season” fill-in when I wasn’t in season with basketball or volleyball. By the time I made it through high school it was my ONLY sport and I had been bitten by the bug.

Golf_1-3 There had never really been a girls golf program at my high school — just a few girls here and there getting together to compete and practice around the boys golf team, which was very successful on the men’s side.

A group of fellow female athletes got together the summer before our freshman year and decided that we’d all go out for the golf team together. At the time we just thought we were passing the time hitting the ball around one of our local courses in a summer camp, but little did we know that we would jump-start a program and fall in love with the game.216041_5050314809_8170_n

Joining up with the three upperclassman who had been playing on an individual basis, our school suddenly had enough golfers to field a girls team and compete on a team level. We had a blast — a group of girls with nothing to lose, unknowingly setting the building blocks for a sports program that would prosper after we were gone. Golf_1-2

Throughout our high school golf careers, there were ups and downs, triumph and tears — but we were proud to represent our school in the post-season for the first time in its history. Now the girls golf team stands strong, with a local golf professional as its coach and girls going on to play in college.

At the time we didn’t know what would come of it, but I do know that golf has all touched our lives in one way or another. For me, it has now become the centerpiece of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I got my first job in golf back in high school working at a local golf course (still one of my favorite courses to this day. If you are ever in the St. Louis area, highly recommend checking out Annbriar — you will love it!) and worked there through college, until I got my first internship in the sports broadcast industry. A few years later I even had the opportunity to pose for GEAR for Sports and their Spring Under Armour catalogue. (Jordan Spieth was on the cover!)

Teryn Schaefer | Reporter, Host and Multimedia Journalist

Now I’m a host, producer and reporter for the PGA TOUR! There’s no way my 13-year-old self could have ever predicted that or the way the game would shape my life from that point on. As we all know, the game works in mysterious ways…

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