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I think my entire iPhone photo album is now full of sunset pictures. Wow, I returned for the second time to Torrey Pines this past week for the Farmers Insurance Open and it still took my breath away. Something tells me this place will every time I return (and I hope it’s often.)

The very first morning I woke up in San Diego before the sun came up (thank you jet lag) so we decided to make the most of it and hike the park at Torrey Pines. With trails that wind along the cliffs down to the beach, it was a little chilly in the early morning but worth the views. Watching the sunrise with the fresh ocean breeze during a morning hike is the best workout I could ever dream up! If I lived there, I’d do that every morning I could. Fantastic! It really made me miss my hikes back home in the Midwest.

I thought those views where great, but I was about to be blown away. Later that morning we had a video shoot at the Torrey Pines gliderport right by the course. Yep, you guessed it. My job that morning was to go paragliding for a story on PGA TOUR LIVE and it was INCREDIBLE! (Somebody’s got to do it ?)

Yes, it might sound scary — but it’s so worth it and an experience I’ll never forget! I’ll admit, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie but I got to take in the coastal views like never before. Paragliding along the cliffs at Torrey Pines was UNBELIEVABLE!

Not only did we get to take in the golf course from a birds-eye-view, but we also sailed up the coast over some of the most beautiful homes in California — including the incredible mansion of the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Out over the ocean, we saw numerous dolphins and surfers, alike, and we even flew over the nude beach below the gliderport — where my pilot shouted out, “Good thing we are this high up so we can’t see them!” ????

Needless to say it was one of my favorite video shoots to-date and I highly encourage you to conquer your fears and do it if you get a chance!

The gorgeous views didn’t end there. Each night at dinner we hopped along the coast for sea-side dinning. Because when in Cali, right?!

Ok, I admit, I did make a stop at In-N-Out for a double-double and a strawberry milkshake on my way to the airport one night — but other than that we tried to take in the sights as much as we could.

Two spots I highly recommend: Poseidon and Pacific Coast Grill. If you had to choose one, Poseidon might be my favorite of the two. We ate on the patio on a perfect night, right along the beach as the sunset on one of the most beautiful days we had all week.

Ok so we might have stayed for the views, but we all came for Tiger Woods. Making his first start of 2018 and first cut in 888 days — it was quite the scene. I’ve been covering golf for almost three seasons now and I’ve never seen crowds like this before. It was AWESOME!

If you are a sports fan, watching Tiger Woods at a tournament has to be on your bucket list. Your time might be running out to see it in person, so I highly recommend getting out ASAP.

The crowds in that video were unreal, but this Tiger suit takes the cake!

The only thing I wish I could’ve done at Torrey? Play the course myself. Torrey Pines is a municipal course and completely affordable for us amateurs. I definitely want to get out there myself one of these days. What about you? Have you ever played Torrey? Comment with your Torrey Pines experience below!

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