My ‘Happy Hour’ Bridal Shower????

I’ve never been a big fan of showers, but boy did I underestimate the amount of love and support that I would feel at my bridal shower this weekend! Thanks to the help of my maid of honor and wonderful bridesmaids — we were able to put a twist on the traditional shower!

Going with a “Happy Hour” theme, we threw an open house at my parent’s home allowing guests to come and go as they like in the afternoon anytime between 3-6pm. This made for the perfect setting for a wine and cheese affair!

Our giant charcuterie board was a hit! Not only was it beautiful, but provided the perfect focal point for our party.

Not your typical shower, huh? Everyone had a blast!

My uncle cut and treated a board the length of my mom’s island. Each of the bridesmaids brought a certain type of wine, the cheese that pairs well with it and the proper accompaniments. The variety allowed our guests to get creative and try out different combinations to their liking. (Even after the shower was over, several of the men in our families came over and they liked it too!)

For dessert, my maid of honor made beautiful wedding-themed cookies that our guests could also take home as favors. To add to the decoration, we had the calla lilies that I’ll be using as the flower at my wedding — so that was also fun to bring in an element from the big day coming up!

The wine was the highlight of our offered beverages at the bridal shower. We had several large tin tubs setup with ice, organized according to the type of wine (red, white, sweet, sparkling) allowing people to sample and drink at their leisure. Did you know you can purchase disposable stem wine glasses?! They worked great and meant we didn’t have any broken glass cleanups at the party??

The Happy Hour was a big success and the open house setup allowed me to see, greet and thank every guest that came. We proved that you can throw a fun shower without it boring your guests or making them play silly games ?

Words cannot describe how much love I felt this weekend! Time with family and friends can be some of the most precious moments in our lives and I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. The countdown to the big day is officially on! (53 days, but who’s counting☺️)

Have you thrown a fun, non-traditional shower? Share your ideas in the comments below or with me on Instagram. I want to hear from you!


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