Quick 9 ⛳️ fun facts about me

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with so many of you on social media lately, so I thought it was time to share a few more fun facts about myself in another segment of “Quick 9.” So here’s 9 fun facts about me!

1. I’ve never had a Big Mac?

2. I have a horrible sense of smell

3. I love being outside, I’ll take a good outdoor adventure any day over staying inside and doing nothing

4. I hate scary movies, I don’t even remember the last one I watched

5. When I was a little girl I used to play basketball on my driveway and pretend I was the first female in the NBA — being 5’5”, that obviously didn’t pan out? (And they later formed the WNBA, which I definitely didn’t qualify for either.)

6. Right now I’m reading the Bible cover-to-cover for the first time in my life. No idea why it took me this long.

7. Growing up I loved art class, I was really good at drawing and painting. At first I wanted to go to art school, but opted to go to journalism school instead. I still took several art classes in college and print making ended up being my favorite.

8. My fiancé and I grew up together. We grew up in the same small town, went to the same grade schools, played high school golf together but are NOT high school sweethearts. It wasn’t until a few years after college that we started dating. The old adage that you should be friends first, truly applies to us.

9. Candy or chocolate? CHOCOLATE EVERY DAY!

Anything else about me you’d like to know? I’ll answer your questions in the comments below or on my Instagram!

My outfit: Tail Activewear dress, Puma shoes, Chelsea Charles jewelry & GFORE glove.

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Teryn Gregson (formerly Schaefer) is an award-winning journalist, golf presenter, on-camera host, wife and blogger. Connecting with golf fans world-wide, Teryn is best known for her role as a broadcaster for the PGA TOUR.

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