Trees? & lilies? | Our wedding decor

“Let’s haul in trees!” I think my dad had a heart attack when those words came out of my mouth. I was preaching simplicity throughout the entire wedding process and then suddenly I had this crazy idea to bring full-grown trees inside, up to the second level of our venue – and the crazy idea worked!

The theme for our entire wedding was classic, simple & elegant. My colors were white, black, gray and silver and my flowers were white calla lilies.

I didn’t want to go over the top on the décor or the budget. Let’s face it, people don’t remember what kind of flowers you had – they just remember if they had a good time.

I think we achieved that balance, even though we did bring in trees 😉

Our ceremony took place on the veranda between our cocktail space and reception ballroom, right in front of tall floor to ceiling windows that looked out on Kiener Plaza – the beautiful park featured in our wedding photos in downtown St. Louis. (Wedding photo post to come!)

In order to create an alter (and some drama) I decided to bring the park inside. Thanks to my husband’s fabulous uncle who owns Shadycreek Nursery in the Greater St. Louis area — we chose three trees to frame our ceremony.

With the help of our families, we brought the trees in the day before the wedding – that’s when we realized we needed to head back to the greenhouse to get some seasonal white potted flowers to surround the base of the trees. You have to be willing to make adjustments on the fly the week of and we sure did that – picking out the trees and flowers just 24 hours prior.

It all turned out beautifully, with silver chiavari chairs lining the veranda and our own custom lighted monogram on the venue’s waterfall – adding little touches of elegance. But perhaps my favorite detail was the String Trio of three violinists who provided a mix of both traditional and modern wedding music.

At the reception, I continued the theme of simple elegance by decorating our cake with the same white calla lilies that were in our centerpieces. Our table settings consisted of white linens with silver chargers, black napkins and our favor boxes adorned with black ribbon.

Our guests raved at how elegant the wedding was but, at the same time, a fun and inviting atmosphere. I was overwhelmed at the feedback we received!

Shout out to Simple Slate Photography, who captured all the little moments on our big day. We can’t stop going back and reliving them through our fabulous photographs.

A little tip for the DIY’ers out there like me: prioritize what projects you are able to take on yourself and which ones are worth hiring someone to do. I was determined to do all of our flowers, but, in the end, had the florist create all of our bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages – while deciding on a centerpiece arrangement easy enough for us to do ourselves the day of at the venue.

Other things that you are able to do in advance, like the programs, menus and wedding favors we decided to print and build ourselves. My advice: those last minute projects like flowers, are best left for the experts. It’s not worth the stress on your big day! Instead of arranging flowers the morning of, I spent quality time with my bridesmaids getting ready in the bridal suit!

What are your favorite wedding decorations or tips? Let me know in the comment section below or comment on my Instagram!

This month I’m pivoting from #TtimeTuesday to #WeddingWednesday. I’ll continue to post on #WeddingWednesday and reveal more elements from our big day throughout the coming weeks!

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