My unforgettable Father/Daughter golf trip to Waterville, Ireland

We just touched down in the states, hugging to go our separate ways home from our connection in Boston after four unforgettable days in a magical place we will never forget. We couldn’t help but shed a few tears, the emotions overcoming us — as we realized how incredible it was to spend time like that together. My dad and I will never forget our first Carr Golf Father/Daughter Tournament experience.

My father got me into the game when I was a teenager and we now live cross-country from one another — so our time together is precious. Therefore, as you can imagine, a chance to travel to Ireland together for the first time to play three rounds of golf on one of the Top 5 best courses in the country was certainly special for us.

But beyond our time spent together as a team, we were most impressed by all the wonderful families we met. It was incredible to connect with other women from around the world, all united in one place to share the game we love (or in some cases, are just picking up) with the men who have been such big influences in our lives.

What’s even more special, is that it wasn’t about how we played — each of us of varying skill levels — it was just about getting out there and connecting. One day, I played with an incredible 12-year-old named Adrianna, who made her first ever par while we were together. To see her excitement for that milestone was incredible! The other two days I played with women at a similar 17 handicap like me — each trailblazers in their own careers and industries, in their own right.

It was such a spiritual experience to connect with one another, surrounded by breathtaking landscape. And let me tell you, Waterville was AMAZING!

By the end of it I was calling it the Pebble Beach of Ireland. Waterville Golf Links is an incredibly creative track laid out in the valley of the Ring of Kerry’s magnificent rolling hills. Hugging the ocean on the inward nine, the cliffs produce some of the most beautiful views and fierce winds. It truly is Beauty and the Beast all rolled into one — giving you one hell of a challenge that will keep you coming back for more.

After a day of golf, we’d go back into the adorable village of Waterville for fantastic seafood dinners & drinks at the local pubs to dance and take in the Irish culture together. Always the perfect ending to a perfect day.

This was our first trip to Ireland, but it certainly won’t be our last. I’ll also keep in touch with the girls, including one I met that lives in Jacksonville! Meeting half-a-world away, but both living in the same place. You know we’ll be playing golf in Jax together!

This game continues to amaze me. The Golf Gods are truly great — despite all the shanks they’ve throw my way 😉

Come join us next year for the 2019 World Invitational Father/Daughter Tournament! Message me on Instagram, leave a comment below or inquire with Carr Golf on their website –> here.


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