Golf Club Fitting — What to expect & fitting advice

Ever wonder what it’s like to get fitted for golf clubs? Is it something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t pulled the trigger? I just recently got fitted for my brand new set of Cobra Golf clubs and wanted to share my experience with you. 

Here’s a video about my recent club fitting experience:

I’ve been fitted a few different times for golf clubs. I’ve done the intense, three-hour fittings where you are hooked up to launch monitors and they calculate every part of your swing. I’ve also done demo days at my local club and one-on-one fittings at the range.

I think all of these are great and valuable to golfers and really allow you to see what equipment might work best for you and your swing. The intense fitting at a Club Champion or TPC Sawgrass Performance Center, for example, is something you should try to do every couple years if you are an avid golfer. It’s really neat to see your numbers and videos of your swing — the information about your swing will blow you away! (For more on those high-tech fittings, visit my YouTube Channel and scroll through the “T-time with Teryn” Playlist.)

But maybe you are more traditional. And I agree — you can’t beat simple, feel and visual results that you can get at a practice range. Sometimes all the numbers and extra technology can get complicated, especially for us amateurs. Furthermore, if you are hitting off a mat and into a simulator, you might not get a full visual of what it’s like to hit those clubs on the course.

Like I said, plenty of options and ways to get fitted. I suggest trying all of them at some point! For my Cobra Golf club fitting last week, I did it the old fashioned way and headed to the range with my local club pro at Marsh Landing Country Club. It was fun and he gave me a little lesson along the way!

Here are a few basic tips for when you go in for your next club fitting:

Be prepared to swing A LOT

You are going to have to hit a lot of balls as the pro measures you. You will also be trying out several different club heads and shafts, etc. There are a lot of variables to factor in, so you will be hitting more golf balls than you are likely accustomed to.

Make sure to properly warm-up with your own clubs before the fitting begins and step back and give yourself a breather when need be during the session. Try not to keep hitting if you are tired, a fatigued swing will result in incorrect feedback.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

This is all for YOU! So make sure you get out of this exactly what you want. Don’t feel intimidated by the process, the fitter will be excited to share their knowledge with you and they don’t expect you to be a wiz at this. So ask away!

Make sure you are fully understanding everything they are throwing at you and don’t be afraid to ask them to explain further or in a different way for you to comprehend.

You will be hitting a lot of different combinations of clubs, shafts and weights. So make sure you are telling the fitter exactly how you are feeling with each one, that way they can make the proper evaluations and suggestions. The fitter should be pulling aside and keeping the clubs that you are liking and narrowing down your selection to best fit you. Therefore feel free to ask to hit one of those clubs you’ve pulled aside and hit it again. That will help you compare and contrast with the current club you trying out. In the end, that’s how you will ultimately choose your clubs.

By the end of your fitting, you and the fitter will likely have narrowed it down to the final two club models you liked the most. You will compare and contrast those last two makes and models to arrive at your decision.

Come back again!

Every golfer knows, no two days are alike out on the course. You might swing one way one day, or not so great another day. It’s ok to go back again and try the clubs you thought you liked in your original fitting. Make sure you like what you are getting! A new set of clubs can be a big financial commitment.

So don’t be afraid to sleep on it. You don’t have to purchase the clubs right then and there. They will keep all your information from the fitting on file and will give you a print out, or email you your specs. So make sure you get your information BEFORE you purchase!

You can always call them back in a few days once you’ve made up your mind and feel comfortable buying.

Get fitted when you are playing your best golf

You might think if your golf game is in a desperate state that a club fitting could help you. Most fitters and pros would tell you the opposite. New clubs likely won’t automatically make you a better golfer. Make sure your game and swing is in a good place, that will ensure that your fitting is going to be true to you.

The last thing you want is a fitter to fit you during a funk. Then when you fix your game or swing, your clubs aren’t going to be correct to you. Always get fitted when you are playing well. Don’t worry, your game will come around soon enough!

Have any other comments questions about the club fitting process? Ask away in the comments below or reach out to me on Instagram. Stay tuned for a future post and YouTube video about the clubs I chose in my fitting!

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