5 ways to get organized in 2019

Sometimes I find it hard to tackle work and life without getting organized at home first. Has it been hard for you to set your goals for 2019? Maybe there are too many loose ends lingering in the back of your mind. So let’s get organized! Then you’ll feel better about taking on 2019.

My husband pokes fun at me for reorganizing our house about once per month. But I can’t help it! It makes me feel so much better when our home is buttoned up and the chores are done. After all, your day ends and begins at home! So if your house is cluttered, there’s a pretty good chance your mind will feel cluttered too.

I know it’s easier said than done to get things cleaned up, because we don’t have kids yet. But just take a few hours each day this weekend to get organized. You’ll feel so much better!

1. Start with ONE project at a time

Chances are things probably piled up over the holidays and you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t think about EVERYTHING you have to do. Pick one task to start with and don’t move on to another one until you have finished. What if that one task is too daunting? Just pick a small part of it to start with. Pretty soon all the little parts of that big task will add up and you’ll be finished in no time!

Mind trick: smaller tasks = less stress. Break things up so you don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the big picture.

2. Put away your holiday decorations

I know, I know. But holiday decorations are so pretty! I promise once you put them away you’ll get the holidays out of your mind and you will be ready to move on to the year ahead. Plus, putting them away is so much quicker than putting them up 🙂

3. Get rid of the old, to make room for the new.

Chances are you got more than you needed this year as far as gifts go. I definitely felt bogged down with stuff after Christmas, given that we just got a lot of gifts from our wedding in May. So I took the time make a bag of things to donate, to make room for some of the new items.

Tip for moms: minimalist blogger Allie Casazza shared on Instagram that she has her kids pick a few toys out that they want to donate before Santa comes. It’s not too late do that after the holidays too!

4. Clean out your refrigerator.

Feeling a little overwhelmed tackling your fitness resolutions? Start with your fridge. Throw away any expired food or condiments, holiday leftovers, etc. Start with a clean fridge and you’ll feel ready to become a healthier you!

5. Now relax!

This is just the first week of 2019, you have an entire year to get things done. Don’t try to cram all of your goals, resolutions and to-do lists into the first few weeks of the new year. After I got my house cleaned up as much as I could, I parked it on the couch and put my nose in a book with a glass of wine. It felt so good to relax and have time for myself and my husband after I finished. I still had several lingering things on my to-do list, but I was happy to put off for another time. Don’t sweat it!

New year. New attitude. And newly organized!

The first week of January shouldn’t be overwhelming. Think of it as a way to reset and tie up loose ends from the year prior. If you are feeling invigorated to tackle a bunch of new projects, good for you! But just don’t get down on yourself if you don’t accomplish them all at once.

Now who’s ready to tackle 2019 with me?!

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