Mitchell makes headlines with hole-out eagle in Qualifying School

For those of you that have been following our journey, or more specifically, my husband Mitchell Gregson‘s golf career — thank you for your support. We have a big moment and some exciting news to share with you!

This week, Mitchell competed in First Stage of Korn Ferry Tour (formerly Tour) Qualifying School. Mitchell needed a birdie in the final round on the 18th hole in order to move on to Second Stage next month.

So he went ahead and HOLED OUT FOR EAGLE from 168 yards out, instead!

Hailed as the best moment of qualifying season yet, the Korn Ferry Tour did an awesome write-up on his stellar finish.

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Mini Tour 101:

  • The Korn Ferry Tour is the step below the PGA TOUR (think of it as Triple A baseball).
  • There are 3 stages of qualifying school held each fall: First Stage, Second Stage and Final Stage.
  • If a player makes it through to Final Stage, they will earn status for the upcoming year on the Korn Ferry Tour.

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  1. Jon on October 7, 2019 at 11:44 am

    That is very cool Teryn! I saw he was paired in the 1st 2 rounds with the only guy from Ireland in the field. Luck of the Irish or Magic? As much as I want to give credit to your husband I have to side with magic on this one and credit an angel who took that swing. Mitchell Gregson the King of Clubs plays his Trump Card and turns into Harry Potter at 18 should be the headlines. Hey every letter in Eagle comes from the word Angel. Here is to Fly Eagles Fly in Stage 2. I know it is all Korny.

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