Teryn’s Takeaways – Tiger’s historic win No. 82

He’s baaaack! Ok he’s been back but Tiger Woods reached one of the most pivotal points in his career on Sunday — tying the record for the most PGA TOUR wins of all-time.

Prior to yesterday’s ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP, Sam Snead was the only player to ever reach 82 wins in a career.

History loves company, but Tiger does not. I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime this season we see him break the record and stand alone, atop of the all-time wins list.

That will be some incredible stuff to witness.

What’s even more incredible are the three wins that Tiger has notched since his latest comeback.

  1. Win No. 80: fans rushed the fairway to see him win for the first time since back fusion surgery at the TOUR Championship.
  2. #81: The Masters — need we say more?
  3. #82: Ties the all-time wins record, in the first ever PGA TOUR event in Japan, in his first start of the season, coming off knee surgery and a 9-week layoff.

What will he do next?!

Well, let me tell you in my Takeaways... But first watch my latest episode of the Good, Bad & Unusual…

Teryn’s Takeaways – The ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP

Tiger Woods can’t stop, won’t stop

  • We will see Tiger Woods get win No. 83 this season, no doubt.
    • The guy got it done coming off knee surgery on a course he’s never played in the first ever event in Japan.
    • What can’t he do?!
  • Playing captain?
    • YES
    • With just one week remaining until the Presidents Cup Captain’s picks are announced, Tiger said in his post-win interview:
      • “The player definitley got the captain’s attention.”
    • In case you haven’t been following, he’s both. (Hopefully) 
      • Tiger Woods and Ernie Els are the U.S. and International Presidents Cup captains. Tiger did not make the team based on his ranking the past two seasons, but as the captain he does have the power to pick himself and all his players seem to want him to do so.

Are we talking about practice?!

  • Tiger LOVES to practice and it’s been the pillar of his successful career.
    • This week he said his knee surgery has freed him up almost completely.
    • Now he can:
      • Bend down to read putts
      • Move around easily and pain free
      • Take strain off his back because he can rotate through his knee
      • And PRACTICE!
  • Tiger explained because his knee was restricting him last year, he wasn’t able to stay sharp in his off-weeks. The rust was apparent to all of us watching him last season. 
    • Now, he can get back to his old ways.
    • This week’s wire-to-wire win already looked like the vintage Tiger we all know and love.

Japan LOVES golf (perhaps more than Tiger loves to practice)

  • It was so cool to witness the success of the first official PGA TOUR event in golf-crazy Japan.
  • Fans packed the course and it was incredible to see the sea of people on the broadcast.

Next on the tee: WGC- HSBC Champions

  • This week marks the third and final stop of the Asia Swing
  • It’s also the first World Golf Championship of the season.
  • The top players in the world will tee it up in Shanghai for the World Golf Championships- HSBC Champions

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  1. Jon on October 28, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    Good stuff as always Teryn 🙂 Tiger’s 1st PGA Event ever was the LA Open at age 16.  The name changed from LA Open to Genesis Open like 1st Book of Bible in 2017.  It would be funny if the Tiger broke it their in February especially since King David and Jesus were from the Lion of Judah Bloodline.   

    Tiger’s story is like that of the Prodigal Son.  Great article on King David below.  Many don’t realize King David only had 1 friend when he was annointed King by God in that Era: His Mom.   


  2. Jon on October 28, 2019 at 10:29 pm

    Teryn, also if you didn’t know I thought you may find this interesting about how this ancient Book Called the Zohar says ‘Adam and not Eve kicked God out of the Garden at 6:10 because he wanted control” The irony is the narrator still says “his powers” at 7:30 by instinct even though his intent is to teach the Zohar also teaches about the Feminine aspect of God which sums up a lot of problems society has always being trained to refer to everything as he. It is interesting why all the Female Gospels were removed.


  3. Jon on November 3, 2019 at 10:45 pm

    You should interview this el-EVE-n year old girl who accomplished this in the 11th month for a future blog article. Hole-in-one, double eagle, eagle, and birdie all from holes 3-8.  I wonder if that has ever been done in history anywhere or if she is the first. It looks like magic!  https://www.golfchannel.com/news/check-out-11-year-olds-scorecard-cycle-us-kids-golf-event

    I’m afraid Koepka may have unleashed The Lion Rors.  Watch out Tiger at Augusta you may slipping the green jacket next year on St Paddy’s Day Lion Rors at a place that was founded by Bobby Jones born on St Patrick’s Day.  If Rory can solve the World Golf Mexico Riddle in Feb 2020 he will come to Augusta with a chance to be the 1st golfer in history to win all 4 WGCs, 4 Majors, The Players, and The Tour Championship.   The question everyone wants to know is when will the man from a small town in Ireland called Holy Wood produce the Sunday Magic at Augusta.  Just maybe just maybe is it too much for it to happen on Easter Sunday the 18th time Masters Sunday falls on Easter in 2020.  Rory’s 1st Masters ever in 2009 was also on Easter Sunday won by a guy with the first name of Angel. Nah, that stuff only happens in Holly wood. 

  4. Jon on November 20, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    November 2019 Proves Girl Power is Real, and The Legend of Magdalene as The Master of all Masters hidden/shamed by men is no joke in the year Women got to play at The Masters an EVE-n Par-is France 72.  Her legend starts in Southern France and made its way up to Scotland/Ireland.  #11 and #18 were her 2 favorite #s. 

    :  Mag-gert Mag-ic hole out the last hole on 11/10 gives him the win and Great Scot the Year End Race!  
    :  On 11/11 in Southern France at 11 am near the Legend of Magdalene a Rare Weird Earthquake hit the area:  An 11 year old girl in a junior golf event starting on 11/1 on a 6 hole stretch makes hole-in-one, double eagle, eagle, and birdie.
    :  Only hole in one on PGA Tour Par 4 History is Andrew Mag-ee born in Par-is France.  He did it at the Phoenix Open and Phoenix bird rises from the ashes
    : On 11/8 this year 3 days before the Earthquake an album called Magdalene released with one song called “Mary Magdalene” about her hidden power and sacred math. : A 1 ton rock called “Wizard Rock” magically reappeared on 11/1 after disappearing in Arizona at Prescott National Forest exactly 111 years after it opened in 1908. 
    : A rare unicorn meteor shower will happen tomorrow night 11/22 in the 11th hour. Magdalene was associated with unicorns.
    :  el-EVE-nth month and only month you can spell EVE from is November.  Her celebration day is July 22.  Only major city founded on July 22 is Cleveland also the only city with EVE in the middle.  Digits in 7/22 add to 11.  22/7 formula for a circle like sun, moon, earth, clock. 
    : July 22 you say?  Brendon Todd a 34 year old who only had 1 win before is born July 22 has won both golf events held this November. 11 dates in 11th month start with 111 (11/1 and 11/10 – 11/19)  Tiger also won this year.  Birthday 12/30 the only day the month x day = 360 degrees in circle.  And an Irishman won The Open in Ireland.  Let’s see if Todd takes the Trinity This Week in Sea Island, Georgia. 
    : Like the movie The Matrix where Trinity is a Woman.  In the Matrix Movie The Merovingians were a big part of it and The Merovingians in
    France were the source of the Magdalene Legend.  1999 the year the Matrix Movie came out Jean Van De Velde born in Southern France in Merovingian territory made a trinity 7 at 18 on 7/18 in the 1999 British losing to a Great Scot Paul Lawrie.  

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