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Teryn’s guide to La Jolla – San Diego, CA

As I head out to Pebble Beach for my second stint on the West Coast in three weeks, I thought I’d share with you my favorite spots during my recent visit to Torrey Pines in La Jolla — just north of downtown San Diego. This year my mom came with me, seeing how much I…

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5 ways to get organized in 2019

Sometimes I find it hard to tackle work and life without getting organized at home first. Has it been hard for you to set your goals for 2019? Maybe there are too many loose ends lingering in the back of your mind. So let’s get organized! Then you’ll feel better about taking on 2019. My…

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What I read in 2018

I’ve always been a book nerd, from the time I was little. Even though life gets busy, I still make time for a little reading before bed, on flights, etc. If I can squeeze in about 18 books a year, you can too! Here’s my complete list of books I read this past year. My…

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