How Hartford helped me get back to the Now

Admit it, sometimes we can get caught up in the daily grind. Just trying to get from one project to the next, one task to the other — or in my case, one work trip to the next. I was deep in the grind when my trip to Hartford reminded me to LIVE IN THE…

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Teryn’s spring reading list

Right now I have a stack of books on my nightstand almost as high as my lamp? It’s safe to say I am a total book nerd. (A little secret: my fiance took me to the bookstore for Valentine’s Day last month and it was a wonderful gift!) Here’s what I’m reading (or looking to…

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My 2018 Resolutions

New Years Resolutions aren’t really my thing. I think it’s important to keep a mental list of goals all year-long, but it’s never a bad thing to stop down and reassess. So here we go, let’s give a few resolutions a try!

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